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Ladder Rules


This ladder is a means to match Advanced Squad Leader players by their preferences and (very roughly) by their ability and to encourage friendly competition. The ladder is both less formal and more flexible than a tournament. Matches are played over any medium (e.g. Face-to-Face, VASL Live with Skype, VASL PBEM, Play-By-Carrier-Pigeon). Unlike a tournament, the ladder has no beginning or end and no rounds, new players can join at any time. It's a continuous competition, somewhat like a never-ending race. There are no prizes other than bragging rights, sic transit gloria mundi.


Ladder members challenge each other to ladder matches. When a challenge is accepted, the match is played at any mutually convenient pace. Once the outcome of a match is posted it affects the players' (and indirectly other ladder members') ladder standings. If he wishes a ladder member can have multiple matches underway simultaneously.

Official Communication

Challenges and discussion of the ladder are hosted on the Global ASL Ladder Challenges & Discussion thread on the Gamesquad ASL Announcements & Events sub-forum. Please subscribe to this thread to keep up-to-date on ladder happenings.

Issuing a Challenge

Any player can challenge any other player to a match by posting on the ladder thread. The challenge should stipulate the opponent, scenario, sides, balance provisions, medium of play, proposed pace of play, and any optional rules (e.g. IIFT).

Matches are played over any mutually-agreed medium (i.e. Face-to-Face, VASL Live with Skype, VASL PBEM, etc..). Unless otherwise specified by the players, the following are the defaults for a ladder match: VASL Live with Skype voice, IFT, VASL dice bot.

Accepting a Challenge

The challenged player accepts by replying to the challenge on the ladder thread and indicating he has accepted the challenge. There is no obligation to accept a challenge. A challenge that hasn't been accepted will not affect either player's standing. Unanswered challenges expire after 21 days.

Posting a Match Result

Either player can post the match result on the ladder thread. Any match result that is not contested within 7 days is considered accepted by the opponent (unless reversed by the Ladder Manager). If a player's opponent is unresponsive to communication for 30 days or is not meeting the pace of play stipulated in the challenge, the player may request his opponent's forfeit due to inactivity.

A pair of players may not submit more than eight results of matches with each other per calendar month


Standings are affected by match results as follows:

Higher ranked player wins match
Higher Player climbs 1 rung
Lower Player drops 1 rung
Lower ranked player wins match
Higher Player drops difference/5 (round up) rungs
Lower Player climbs difference/5 (round up) rungs
Drawn match
Higher Player drops difference/10 (round up) rungs
Lower Player climbs difference/10 (round up) rungs

A new player remains unranked until he completes his first match, at which point he enters at the bottom of the ladder then the match result is applied. If both players in a match are unranked players, the challenger enters the bottom of the ladder, followed by the challengee, then the result of the match is applied.


A ranked player with no new match results drops one rung after 60 days due to inactivity. The penalty is doubled for every consecutive 60 day period thereafter. This fall continues until only inactive ranked players remain below him.


Players are encouraged (but not mandated) to add the results of their matches to the ROAR database.

Joining the ladder

To join the ladder post a message on the ladder thread with your real name, your location, and your play preference:

If you wish you may also provide a ASL Scenario Archive user id.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the ladder, please feel free to post them on the ladder thread.

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